The lake view fine dine resto bar

Without the rightly prepared cuisine, your moments are often left incomplete. At Zil we offer a wide range of world class, exotic and traditional cuisines that you can choose from.

The cuisine served is based on a wide range of ingredients, matching with the royal fine-dining base, and stands as an altogether new style with the typical food culture seen in the city.  

The food and the bar has been maintained an altogether contemporary décor and a super culinary menu that can excite the customer’s delights. What sets the true spirit in is the menu that is planned with the choicest global ingredients, altogether showcasing a wonderful tasty and royal menu, perfectly executed from the very start to the finish.

Good food, serene location along with contemporary ambience and international music, spells out your perfect time planned at Zil.

In an effort to host talents from across the globe, JZ invites artists, musicians and performers through an extensive program of events in the coming days.


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