Have an event coming up?

Hear the wedding bells ringing melodiously in your ears?

Family rendezvous?

Wine tasting or a fashion weekender?

Name an event and we have the perfect lake view place to offer you which suits for every occasion.

A scene like a beautiful, lush green lawn converging up with an ultramarine colored lake, similarly azured sky filled with pollution-free calmness, a balmy fountain pivot, and pleasant, pastoral greenery full of birds chirping around?

JZ Presidential is the only open aired waterfront banquet foyer in Pune. A perfectly elegant, royal, and splendid place where you can breathe happiness and celebrate the significant life events.

The JZ Presidential is the upcoming and the most elegant banquet in the city which you can reliably book for your next event and we’ll take care of the rest.

We facilitate our clients with the best catering services for the both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers, all the audio, video, and theatre lighting essentials for stage performances, a classy sitting acreage for about 1000 guests and all the other necessary commodities at your ease.


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