The discotheque & lounge

With a bar stocked with international spirits, labels and choicest wines your evenings at Jiva are worth every memory to be.

Our professionally trained bartenders and host’s recommend the best of cocktails and mocktails that you can enjoy while you rewind and relax in the company of good music and appetizers.  With a VIP private area and indoor as well as outdoor seating’s available, your privacy and motto of relaxation is safeguarded well.

The club at JIVA with bright lit up dance floor, DJs, well stocked bar with the choicest sprits gets you the break off from your busy lives.

From hostesses, dancers, global decor to global music, Jiva has definitely raised the bar for the night life and clubs in the city. Dazzle out your nights with into the privileged human desires and attain that what truly is a Jiva.


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